queue:split/2 unsafe!? => queue_split_at_most/2

Tuesday, 9th April, 2013

[updated after discussion on erlang-questions, starting here]

I’ve just discovered that queue:split(N, Queue) causes a crash if N is larger than Queue has items:

    1> self().
    2> Q1 = queue:new().    
    3> Q2 = queue:in(a, Q1).
    4> Q3 = queue:in(b, Q2).
    5> Q4 = queue:in(c, Q3).
    6> queue:split(4, Q4).  
    ** exception error: bad argument
         in function  queue:split/2
            called as queue:split(4,{[c,b],[a]})
    7> self().              

Here’s a safe split:

    queue_split_at_most(N, Q) ->
        case queue:len(Q) >= N of
            true ->
            false ->
                {Q, queue:new()}

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