My name is Ivan Uemlianin. I am a self-employed computer programmer, with specialities in speech & language technology, and statistics.

Working with information technology

  • I have an academic and professional background in natural language processing. I am experienced in the development and use of software for speech recognition and machine translation. I am fluent in both acoustic phonetic analysis and practical phonetic and phonological transcription.
  • I am experienced in higher-order logics, unification-based formalisms and statistics. I understand the implementation of these theories in computer applications including functional, generic and object-oriented approaches, neural networks and graphical models.
  • As a programmer, I have:
    • solid commercial experience with:
      • Erlang and Python; linux; emacs, git;
      • Natural language processing: sphinx, htk, moses, nltk;
      • Web development: Django, Cowboy, Elm;
    • intermittent commercial experience with: C, R;
    • a renewed interest in Prolog and a growing interest in Answer Set programming.

Working with information

  • I am a competent and directed researcher, skilled at the collection, analysis and communication of information.
  • I have successful practical experience of requirements analysis, software design, implementation & testing, maintenance and debugging.
  • I have a facility for absorbing new and complex information, using it, and helping others to understand it.

Working with people

  • I am a confident and successful teacher and staff trainer, using different approaches and various media as appropriate.
  • I am familiar with a number of management and personnel situations: for example, managing colleagues, working as part of a team, working alone, working under instruction; pastoral care; external liaison.
  • I am a competent and efficient administrator and organiser.

My CV.