A screen cheat sheet

Sunday, 30th January, 2011

I’ve recently been using screen quite a lot when working on a client’s servers. I like it. However, my fingers haven’t yet learnt the default key-bindings for the commands I use. In an attempt to speed that learning, here’s a list of them (copied and pasted from the manual page).

Keys Command Description
C-a c screen Create a new window with a shell and switch to that window.
C-a A title Allow the user to enter a title for the current window.
C-a N number Show the number (and title) of the current window.
C-a ' select Prompt for a window identifier and switch.
C-a " windowlist -b Present a list of all windows for selection.
C-a k kill Destroy the current window.
C-a ? help Show key bindings.


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