Read My Lips No New Languages (… however, …)

Saturday, 21st February, 2015

My plan for this year is to bring in the clients, write the apps, and make some money. Being anything other than ruthlessly pragmatic about learning new programming languages is distinctly not part of the plan. This year is about focussing and consolidating, it is not about wandering about smelling the roses.

However, …

Separate from programming, I am following up some of my reading from last year. In particular, Hegel (I’m finally tackling his Phenomenology of Spirit) and Schrödinger (his book and Weyl’s book both look worth a try; and Schrödinger’s paper on colour looks like it might be a good introduction to some of the geometry).

Learning about the strong link between Schrödinger and Weyl was quite a revelation. Weyl was also associated with Brouwer and the intuitionist/constructivist approach to maths. The ncatlab page on constructive maths mentions Hegel in its prehistory section.

So, sometime later in the year I’ll be reading about Brouwer, his mathematical intuitionism, and constructivism. As part of that, I might be “doing” some maths.

Doing constructive maths seems to involve proofs, verifications of proofs, and even mechanisations of verifications. Things called proof assistants can be used. So quite possibly I’ll be trying out one or more of these proof assistants.

To the untrained eye these proof assistant things look a lot like programming languages.

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